Emotional Distance (CD - Physical)

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Released September 27th 2019, ‘Emotional Distance’ is Ryan's highly anticipated new album, featuring the monster tunes ‘Irresistible Force’, ‘Underwater’, ‘Emotional Distance’ and the fan favourite ‘Comfort Zone’. The album 'Emotional Distance' is a master class in signature synthesis, harmonic turns and ear for melody, with Ryan Sullivan maturing into a sophisticated electronic musician fully prepared to see out his vision of taking his music global.

  1. Stolen
  2. Joy Ride
  3. Comfort Zone
  4. Irresistible Force
  5. Terrace Tales
  6. Detached (Staccato)
  7. Emotional Distance
  8. Underwater
  9. Sawfish
  10. Endure
  11. In Bloom